In December 1973 the plot of 2,500 sq meters was bought, which was extended shortly to approx. 3,500 sq m.

In 1974 the first ship of about 200 sq meters was built, 2 / 3 of the building was assigned to animal care with a capacity of 500 animals, mostly rabbits (to develop polyclonal antibodies). The remaining 1 / 3 was destinated to laboratory occupied by 25% by a cold room at 2-8 °C.

In 1984 the first part of the current building was completed. Is T-shaped as the old ship was. OPERON had 5 employees by then.

In 1990, a prefabricated ship at the back of the field was instaled as a warehouse.

In 1999, the first expansion of the building was concluded. It had a total of 2000 sq meters built area.

In 2007, the second and last extension of the building was finished, the total built area is already 4000sq m.

At the current time, there are 4000 sq meters built housing laboratories, production facilities, offices, animal house, garage.


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